Master Mariner Tom Wilson's Family Photo Album

I love old photos like these showing people and they way they were back in the early days of Panama and the Canal construction days.

These photos are of Tom Wilson's family during the construction days of the Panama Canal.  Tom Wilson was a Master Mariner who was involved with the building of the Canal. In 1913 - 1914 the family lived at #3 Calle 3 only one block from the Cathedral Plaza.  The family were friends with the Bouff who lived on a high bluff two miles away overlooking the Panama Harbor.  Captain Tom Wilson was the Master of the "Veraguas" from 1911 to 1917, this was the sister ship to the "David".  Photos submitted by Jean Blight, daughter-in-law of Beatrice Wilson.

Tom, May, Jack and Grace Wilson in the Garden

1912 Grace, Tom, Jack and May Wilson in their house.

Born May 2,1914 new member of the family Beatrice.

1916 Birthday Party - Beatrice at the top row on the right.

The Wilson family having a picnic along Panama City's undeveloped coast with friends.  Baby Beatrice only two months old is sitting on May Wilson's lap (black dress).  I am not sure what all those bottles contain, but as bottle collector of these times, I find this very interesting.  What a great old photo! 

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