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I happen to have a less than flattering picture of my participation in the senior boys modeling girls clothes fashion show. I'm not so sure we could get away with that kind of stuff today. I have clear and vivid memories of that night because it was possibly one of the fastest drunks I ever attempted. As the show grew closer I was horrified that I was completely sober. Knowing it would be next to impossible to parade sober in front of the class and teachers in a mini skirt , I quickly made a run for my car (commonly known in those day as my liquor cabinet). All that was left in stock was a half b bottle of Vodka. Not being a big Vodka drinker (which was why there was half a bottle left) and not having any mix the situation turned critical. Fear not, it was off to Diablo clubhouse for some mix. For what ever reason I ended up with a can of grape soda. So with a half hour to show time I was quickly choking down my vodka and grape soda cocktail. It was nip and tuck but the desired effect was reached just in time. Thus you see the resulting picture and understand why I was having a moment of high anxiety. Can you guess who this is??? Submit you answers in the guest book. Have fun!! Submitted on January 10, 1998.

Here are some flicks that I have dug up. Not necessarily from the Class of 70, but I am sure they will spark off some memories.
 I have put quite a few flicks on one page, so give it time to load....enjoy. BillMac

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Jacque's Crowell's Photo Album - A collection of photos through the years, from CJHS through CZC

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Evelyn Tiencken's Photo Album - Here are some more good flicks from the late 60's and early 70's of classmates and friends.

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Jac10.JPG (45704 bytes)

Pam, Jacque Crowell and Becky Witt 1965
Submitted by Jacque, August 1998


87Reunion.JPG (33037 bytes)

(Front to Back) Faye Weiser, Jacque, Scott Burns, Vicki Sizemore, and Ed Wardlow.  CZ Reunion '87.  Submitted by Jacque, August 1998


Bonnie Nehring sent me this photo of her and her cousins Steve and Karl (Butch) Nehring on graduation night at their house in Diablo. Submitted and posted 8/99

Christi Allen's Photo Album - A collection of photos from her scrap book. 

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Please send me your flicks. I will scan them and send them back to you.

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