Jacque's Photo Album

This is my photo album. There are pictures here spanning many years of
my life. I wanted to put them here for your enjoyment and memories.


Gary Silverman, Marilee Webb and Rudy Crespo. "Solid Gold" - '71

Ray Mann and I in the Balboa Clubhouse -'67

Steve Cartotto - Balboa Teen Club '68

"Soul Foundation"
Nelson, Rick and Chuck - '68

Me, Debbie Arrnett & Pam Watts Lunch at CJHS - '67

Me, Charmaine Risberg & Debbie Arrnett- "Sweet 16 B Day" - '67

Vicki and Me - Jamboree '71

Gene Holland, Vicki Sizemore and Me -Play at CZC - '70

Dave Furlong and me - 1970 "Twelve Angry Men" CZC

Me, Steve Balmas, Rudy Crespo and others - CZC '70

Steve Krisa and me at the PCS Reuinon

Laurie McBride and Hubby at the PCS Reuinon

Steve Cartotto and Sandy Chesson at the PCS Reuinon

Dennis Schemerhorn, Frank Sharp, Mel Gamertsfelder at the PCS Reuinon

Chris Kervin and Dennis Heald -'69

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