A few flicks from good times in the 1970's.
Causeway, Summit Gardens and my pad in Santa Cruz.
More pages will be added, so keep on checking back.


Danny Geoghegan, Phil Hale, Duke Peterson, Jim Hale.

Stanley Wright and Chuck Petersen

Kenny Morales and the famous
"Mola Van"

Red, T Bird, Sport, Chuck, Meat
and Frank

Chuck, T Bird and Sport

Kenny's Mola Van and Uncle Meat's "Meat Wagon"

Post Beer gathering! Who knows who???

Jimmy & Kim Ganser's place in Chilbre. Too many to name!

Summit Gardens get together.
What a life!!

Dominoes at Summit Gardens.
Not to mention that great liquid in the green bottle!

T Bird, Chuck and Donna at Summit

Clean cut Mr. T Bird....

Jim Norris and Chuck Petersen

Tom Griffen, Lester Oliver,
Rick Pratchett