Evelyn Tiencken's
Photo album


Evelyn, Steve Goodman and Janine Newman

Brother Fred with the Peacock Bass catch of the day.

Steve Cartotto resting at "Heavy's" in Gorgona Beach

The Nehring Boys - Butch, Phil, Skip and Steve

Chris Bryant at BHS

Swami Steve Goodman

Gary (Sexy Sadie the slut) Dalton and Johnny McGuniess Holloweeen at Evelyn's

DeForest (De) Lewis by the Prado

Bro Fred - Graduation night.

Arthur Marohl, Rick Pratchett, George Half, Doc Kelly (background) and Eddie Cruz's VW at the Prado after class.


Fish Fry at the Tiencken's - Doc Kelly (cut off), Kathy Fears, Snake Fehrenbach, Judy Fears, Bro Fred, Bill McLaughlin (Uncle Meat), Frank Anderson, Noni Chaphin, Ralf Petiton, ?

Halloween at Evelyn's - Frank Anderson, Nonie Chaphin, Sport, ?, Susie Mendenhall, Bill McLaughlin (Uncle Meat), Evelyn, Johnny McGuniess, Gary Dalton, Cookie, Steve Goodman, Cyndee Williams, Bo Lane and Laine Little.

(Standing) ?, Bruce Oliver, Ray Letourneau, (sitting) Tom Carey, Bro Fred, Walter Smith, Gary Dalton, Lester Oliver, Bob Letourneau - What a life!!

Bridge to Summit waterfall. Bro Fred and ?? do crazy stuff.


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