Submarine L36 

This picture has a notation written on it,  "Submarine L36".  I know that this isn't a submarine, but believe this particular boat was used in anti-submarine operations.  The date is unknown on these picture, but were grouped with the 1917 photos.  The flat railroad car on the dock has digging devices on it. Probably part of the lagoon dredging.

I ran across this page as I was researching web pages with terms connected with the Coast Artillery Corps, Army Mine Planter Service vessel types. The photo captioned "Submarine L36" is a photo of one of the minefield support vessels, a Junction Box Boat. The larger mine planters planted the mines and laid the control cables. The Junction Box Boats, all designated as "L" boats, serviced the electrical junction boxes in the mine fields.

A photo in Grover's "U.S. Army Ships and Watercraft of World War II" has an identical vessel in profile near one of the planters on page 121 where "Minecraft" are introduced. His "L" type list shows dashes by L-36 on dimensions and such. #34 and #35 were built 1915 so a 1917 photo of #36 would be when she was probably new.

Ramon Jackson