Gamboa Under Construction

The Panama Canal Dredging Division Activities:  Gatun Lake Section.  New Dredging Division Headquarters and town site, Gamboa.  View looking eastward from boom of Crane Hercules at Station 1460 show development in gold town area to September 21, 1936.

In this photo you can see the circle at the end of Williamson Street and foundations being established for the cottages and duplexes that still stand today.  The two large buildings in the photo were bachelor quarter apartments.   One of these buildings no longer stands and the other houses Smithsonian personnel.   Note how the cliff in the foreground of this photo has been recently excavated to construct the brand new road.  In a later photo you will see this same hill side prior to being excavated and shows a fence that possibly held back cattle.  There are two small houses behind the lighthouse that could have been the finca owner's house.   It is unfortunate that I loose so much of the clarity of these photos by scanning and posting them here.  They are actually 8 x 10 prints from 8 x 10 glass negatives.   You can see every little detail.