This photo right here and the next two put me into a major home sick frenzy!!  I used to live on these old gravel back roads.  I have traveled this road many times.  This is the "Pipe Line Road" past Gamboa.  It was built to construct and maintain the old Navy fuel pipe line that ran from coast to coast.  The pipes are still there.  I have traveled to the end of this road, which ends up on the shore of Gatun Lake across from the lake town of Limon.  We once rebuilt a old W.W.II bridge to rescue some folks at the end.  There are several rivers along this road that we used to get some wonderful tropical fish from for our aquariums.  The Agua Salud River is on this road which my old friend Frank Robinson was in charge of building a weir (small dam used in a stream or small river) to regulate and study the water flow.  These kind of areas are very close to heaven on earth.