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The following images were provided by Mike Norman a friend of mine who is still living in God's land. This page has different scenes and images from Panama and the former Zone taken in 1998 - 99

Black Hawk Helicopter Trip.

Big images for quality. Give them a minute to download.

Miraflores Locks, Ft. Clayton, Los Rios/Corozal

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Cocoli Collection

Cocoli1 Cocoli2 Cocoli3
Cocoli4 Cocoli5 Cocoli6

Pinas Fishing Trip

"Norm - The All Around Sportsman

PinasBay1 PinasBay2 PinasBay3

Thursday night at the Balboa Yacht Club.
Pre Cayuco Race night.

BYC #1 BYC #2 BYC #3 BYC #4 BYC #5
BYC #6 BYC #7 BYC #8 BYC #9 BYC #10

If anyone can name the folks in these pictures, please email me the names and I will post them.  I know some, but would rather put all the names.


"Gamboa Today"
Great flicks of what Gamboa is looking like in 1999.
Photos are by Mike and Jeff Norman.  Father and son team.


 Norm and Sue's adventures on Cerro Luisa, Gold Hill and the Gamboa Pipe Line Road.
June 26, 1999

Sue and Mike Norman enjoying life on top of Cerro Luisa.

Norm on top of Gold Hill

Mike is now retired from the Panama Canal - Miraflores Locks and will be moving to the U.S. later this year.  I will certainly miss his wonderful pictures he has shared with all of us for the past couple of years once he leaves home. But, he will be within close enough distance here in the U.S. that I can get together with him and Sue to kick back and remember our good times back home.  Thank you Mike and Sue for all your support to the CZ Images web site.  Enjoy the following photos of Mike and Sue's day of adventure in paradise.  Click a  link below to view a photo.
Cerro Luisa 1 Cerro Luisa 2 Cerro Luisa 3 Cerro Luisa 4
Cerro Luisa 5 Cerro Luisa 6 Cerro Luisa 7 Gold Hill 1
Gold Hill 2 Gold Hill 3 Gold Hill 4 Gold Hill 5
Pipe Line Road 1 Pipe Line Road 2 Pipe Line Road 3 Pipe Line Road 4

Atlantic Coast Trip 
July 1999

Just a couple of pictures from Portobello.  There is a cannon ball in one of the cannons, ready for action.  La Guira's strange bedfellows (ever see Macaws, Chickens and Parrots roost together? Only in La Guira!!  The red Macaw on the ground was one mad bird!  I later found out that he was protecting his mate and their new offspring.  Peacocks roosting with Macaws!  I nothing sacred anymore?
Atlantic Trip 1 Atlantic Trip 2 Atlantic Trip 3 Atlantic Trip 4
Atlantic Trip 5 Atlantic Trip 6 Atlantic Trip 7 Atlantic Trip 8

More to come in the near future........

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