September 2005

I need help finding someone. 
A young man, Theodore, is searching for some information about his father. 
His father, "Shihan" Calvin Neilson, told him that he (the father) grew up in Panama.  His birth date was around 1930.
 I have looked on the internet, but haven't found much information. 
Calvin Neilson's father may have been in the military, since he later ended up in Japan (just after WW2). 
Are there any records for Americans in Panama, in the 1930's?
M Martin  

Ruth Nina Perkins
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I was born in Margarita Hospital on February 29,1948,(leap year baby). Moved to Balboa during 1st grade. Then moved to Diablo Heights for Junior High and went to Balboa High for 1 year. Move to the states in 1963. These were the best years of my life. Friends from elementary school thru High school were Ruthie Mason, Carla Chambers, Helen Waldron, Susan and Carol Coffey, Jane Wilson, Mary and Carol Gussick, Barbara Hopkins, Lana Nadeau, Ann Keigley, Joan Sartain, Margie Cohen, Bobbie Berger, Richard Reynolds, Pete Chesson, Kenny Phillups, Bobby Panzer, Andy Jacobson, George Black, Rupert Turner, and many more. My brothers were Roy, Ralph, Richard and Raymond Perkins. I attended the Lutheran Church in Balboa where I was confirmed by Pastor Meyers. Am planning to go back for the 1966 40th Reunion this year. Hope to see some of you there. Panama Rules


I hope this site never goes away. It is a great way to learn about our history in Panama and the Canal Zone. I show this site to my children on a regular basis.

T Morgan

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hola , como estan por alla, pues llo estaba en el ejesita en 1,970 y bautise mi hija en fort clayton chapel como podria encontrar su partida de bautiso┐puedes alludarme con esta informacion pues aca en panama no sabemos donde estan esos libros! muchas grasias,

Irwin Frank, BHS '52
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Regarding the Picture of the Week, March 21, 2004, the building you ask about was the VFW. It was wood and is no more. The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts used to have their monthly troop and pack meetings upstairs

Patricia White-Bittner


Does anyone have information on my grandfather, Sidney Kirk White who was a police officer on Gatun Locks in or around 1913-14. My father, David Churchill White was born in Ancon on December 1, 1914.

Hi Bill

I was very much impressed by the NY yankees photos. Not that I'm too much of a baseball fan, but DiMaggio at Balboa Stadium, wow! The Balboa Stadium now belongs to the ACP and I frequent it a lot mainly for soccer games. I can see myself asking my friends Did you know Joe DiMaggio was standing right

As you may know all Panamanians, baseball fans or not, are very fond of the NY Yankees because of the current success of local born pitcher Mariano Rivera.

Anyway, My sister produces a local sports magazine called Panama Sports Magazine, and we were wandering if it could be possible to publish some of those photos on the magazine. Your website as well as the photographers mentioned there would be given full credit for the pics, and basically the same footnotes that appear on you website would be used.

Best Regards.

Miguel Munar P.