May 2006

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Thank you for your site. It is wonderful. I remember so much of the sites you speak of.

John Durr
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My wife bought flowers at you wife's shop and when we we in to order them, her father said he was from the Canal Zone. Well, we had just returned from a cruise on RCCL Brilliance of the Seas thru the first set of locks and I took 120 pictures with a digital camera. I printed several and gave them to your wife and she in turn gave me your web site. Do you want me to transmit them to you via E-Mail?

Lawrence Edward Watler
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This is an amazing site, lot of information about the Canal Zone more than whatever you can find anywhere else, my congratulations for your time and efforts in order to keep update this site, is extraordinary.


Sammy Bynum
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I can't believe it. They turned that club into a resort. I lived in Gamboa 82-84.My family lived under this guy "Rex Raspberry". Last house on the ridge over looking the golf course.

Great pictures..


Hi; this is a great site that you have. I saw a picture of Dane Wikowski holding a big fish that is identified as a Tilapia but is really a "Colossoma". These are originally from the Amazonas and Orinoco rivers and were brought to Panama for aquaculture. I was working in Agriculture Ministry when these fishes were introduced to Alahuela Lake in the early 90┤s.  It won't reproduce naturally in Panama so not many survived.
JosÚ Maturell 

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I served at Albrook AFB from 1954 to 1957. I re-visited Panama in March and enjoyed seeing what has become of Clayton and Albrook. I'm pleased to discover your web site as I am writing about my trip back to Panama after 50 years. And I didn't own a camera when I was there in the 50's so I love to see old pictures that provoke lost memories. Thanks for your good work.

John R. Bellefleur

Greg & Judy Austin
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My wife was stationed in Panama 1973-1977. She was in the Army and I was her dependent. We had a blast there. Took up scuba diving, skydiving, bottle hunting, exploring, took Embassy hops all over South America, did a cross canal canoe trip. Visited the San Blas Islands, El Vale, Vulcans, Darien, Perlas Islands and points between. I was just now scanning our old photos on to a disc. We lived in Cocoli and it was considered substandard back then. It was great. Again, enjoyed your site.

Neil Baker
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I was stationed at Albrook AFB from Aug.'51 till Aug.'54 - am planning a visit to refresh old memories of a happy time. Anyone with current knowledge of what was Albrook AFB - I would like to hear from them.

Richard Davis Leahman
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Fantastic, web site - thank you, I was 10 years old when I lived at Fort Sherman, during the Hawk missile occupation starting in 1960, it was (to short lived) for me, only 18 months, but the experience of beach and jungle, and going to school at Margarita will be forever with me, we left early because my father had his first heart attack there which led him to medical retirement.