June 2006

Terry Anderson
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Excellent pictures. I lived in Panama by El Panama Hotel in the mid 90s. I missed that place very much!

Pedro f Barbero
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I was born at colon naval hospital, and station at Ft. Kobbe, we also lived at Ft. Clayton

Mike Carrio
Hatillo,  PR




Just stumble over this website, and I've spent a lot of time looking through the photos and trying to absorb so many memories. I was stationed at Albrook AFS from 1984 til' 1989 when Noriega was ousted. Both my kids where born in Gorgas Army Hospital. Really appreciate such a website, and the people that maintain such; my hat's off to you.

Mike Carrio

Carlton nickerson
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I am an Army brat. My father was 30 year man. I was born in Fort Clayton Army Hospital up in the hill. I left Panama after the Flag riots of 1963. This is one of the best sites I have come across as far as Canal Zone pictorial history goes. When I saw the Mary Jane loaf of bread, I actually smelled it's delicious aroma.

Herbert Rumaldo

Hato Pintado
Panama City , Panama




Its nice to remember good days, my late father , Herbert Rumaldo Garzona was a panama canal company , employee.

He been an employee for approx. 25 years he was part of the Pedro Miguel locks personnel and at the motor transportation division. He worked in the zone for approx, 25 years of service in the zone he came from San Salvador , Salvador at age of 25 looking for a good future in panama.

He get married with our mom, Sara Maria a Panamanian, our family was small, only five my brother Holquer who is a dentist now , my sister Dalila , who got married with an American , my brother in law Robert Griffin, my another sister Sara Ruth, was an employee for the American embassy for approx 25 years to.

So we fell as part of the history and part of the photos.

We received a lot of benefits, with my father working in the zone, salary, hospital and health benefits, in the Gorgas hospital, access to areas reserved for employees of the zone only insurance with the Mutual of Omaha insurance co. etc. etc.

Thanks a lot man and let me know any thing.

My mom now is living in the states with my sister Dalila.

I am in Panama with my family.

Herbert Rumaldo

Tim Cowdell

Cleveland, TN



Incredible site, I happened upon it a few minutes before going to bed and stayed up for a couple of hours poring over many of the old pics from the sixties and seventies. I lived in Gamboa/Diablo Heights/Balboa from the years 65 - 72. I made return trips in 02 and 03. Much of it has changed, but surprisingly much of it is still the same three decades later. I am hoping to return this year. My wife and I just returned from San Juan PR and I ate my share of empanadas while there. The zone back in the day was just a little slice of heaven on earth. I can tell years of research and collecting have painstakingly went in to the building of this website, thanks for all the fun memories.

Tim Cowdell

Ronald J. Jack
Vancouver, Canada



June 3, 2006

What a fabulous resource. I am interested in the 11th Engineer Regiment (1930s)- your site captured me and would not let me escape!! I have returned several times since I found it earlier this week, and I plan to watch your e-museum grow.

I am just completing a biography of a Canadian doctor who was a civilian employee at Fort Clayton in 1936. I'll let you know when the book appears.

Cheers! Ron Jack