December 2005

Hi Bill, sorry about the spammers, seems like some people just like to cause other folks grief.
My name is John (spike) McNall and I was born in Panama City Panama in 1942, went to scholl on the pacific side, graduated Balboa High School in 1960.My great grandparents went to the canal in 1906, my grandmother graduated Balboa High School in 1917.  I was 3rd generation Balboa High School.
John H McNall
501 Thomas Loop Rd
Sevierville, Tn 37876
Thanks and God bless you for what you do.
John McNall

Eliane Peres
São Paulo

Comments: finding this site was a fantastic present! i lived in Panama from 1976 until 1981. went to Los Rios Elementary and Curundu Junior High. lost contact will all the friends i made during those years. if by any chance Melodie Spencer, Richard Cahill, Jennifer Jeffries, Ted Cederblom, Tom Cederblom, read this comment, please contact me! it has been almost 30 years but i remember them all like it was yesterday. i have to look over my yearbooks to remember other great people whose last names i cannot recall right now (Linda, Shawnee, Kimi Sue, Kevin, Erica and so many more).
congratulations for this wonderful site, hope you can solve the spam troubles! some people are just too idle and instead of doing something useful they´d rather be a thorn on someone´s side! go figure!
merry x-mas an a greeeeeeeeat new year to all!
kisses, besos

I was stationed at Ft Clayton from 81-84, I lived in Gamboa for a time, then moved to Clayton. I was a member of the Pacific Sportsman, Clubhouse in an old building at Miraflores locks. I loved my three years there, the people I met remain in my mind constantly.


Thought I’d give you a bit of my short visit to Panama back in the late ‘90’s.  

Back then I was an elderly Military Policeman with the District of Columbia Army National Guard.  Our summer camp that year was to spend just over two weeks helping out with Policing duties on the Army installations.  It was quite a place what with the small all night coffee stand between the compound where the Ambassador lived and Howard AFB.  Good hot and strong enough to keep you awoke for days.  

Miss that these days especially when working around the Quantico Police Department (Part time).

 Congratulations on your daughter being appointed a deputy sheriff.

 Charles W. Racine