August 1998 Museum Guests

Bill McLaughlin
11:16:24 PM

Happy August to all my Zonian friends. Come on in and enjoy the Canal Zone Cyber Museum and while you are here, please sign my guest book. If you have anything that you would like to have in the Cyber Museum or the "Real Panama Canal Museum", please let me know...Preserving the Past for the Future!

View from sosa hill
10:58:11 AM

Bill, you have really brought" home" to the masses you are a true visionary and you have the spirit of what the way of life was for everybody in Panama God Bless you and your family

Paul Worley
65 Garland Court
Lake Jackson
10:57:17 PM

Bill, Thanks for a wonderful site to visit. I lived in the Zone 74-76, graduated from BHS in 76. The 'cut' water slide pictures were great, I saw then and yelled for my 11 year old to run into the room to show her what her old man used to do for fun. thanks!!!! Paul