American Locomotive Company, Cooke Works
ICC Locomotive 201, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
July 1999


Locomotive 201 was one of the Isthmian Canal Commission's (ICC) 201 - 300 Class Locomotives ordered for the construction of the Panama Canal.  I was very fortunate to come across this wonderful old locomotive while on vacation in Arkansas.  One of the men that worked on this locomotive told me that it was found in the woods in the State of Texas.  It was brought up to Eureka Springs on the back of a tractor trailer and then restored to an operating locomotive again.  It has been converted to burn oil instead of coal to heat the boiler.  If fact the oil they were using was used automobile 10w40 oil.  The original coal tender is now gone.  I didn't find out too much more about it's history since the end of the Canal construction days.  I plan to write to the owner of the attraction and see if he knows.

I video taped the whole trip on 201 and it came out great.  The most wonderful part was the sounds that this old locomotive makes.  The whistle send chills up my spine.  These are the sounds that our fore fathers heard down in the cut and along the Panama Railroad back then.

Our beloved 299 is a sister to the 201..

The ICC 201 - 300 class locomotives were purchased by the ICC on C.Z. REQM. 576-A, Dated 9-1-06 at a cost of $11,307 each.  It is a Mogul Type 2-6-0 Locomotive, 5'-0" Gauge, weighing 125,500 lbs.

(Information from "Diagrams and Photographs of Railroad Equipment used to Construct the Panama Canal 1881-1914, by Bert E. Davis and reproduced by Julius Grigore, Jr. - Let me know If you interested in purchasing a copy of this valuable reference book.)