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This group of photos were taken at the beginning of day three.  These photos were taken at the old Gamboa Air Strip.  Since the great drought of '98, the annual cayuco race does not go through the Pedro Miguel or Miraflores Locks like the races have for years.  They had to come up with at stretch of water to make up for Miraflores Lake, so they move the third day start up to the old Gamboa Air Strip instead of starting off of Dredging Divison.  Here are photos from day three's start.  Photos by Becki and Gary Dalton.
On to Diablo...


These photos were taken at the third and final day finish line at Diablo public boat ramp. It is celebration time Photos by Art Mokray



Since it has been determined that this event will continue. The rotating trophy will be placed at the Abou Saad Temple in Balboa Heights.


The NIC...Winner of the 2000 Cayuco Race


Final Times
Top Four Boats

Trophy - All Categories (Male, Female and Mixed)
 NIC  5:33:22
Carioca   5:35:88
Lone Star  5:50:10
Rapid Transit  5:50:38

Open Category
Espreso Comando  6:01:55
Predator   6:05:41
Slave Galley  6:24:00
Defiance  6:39:33