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After spending a year at the University of Puerto Rico I joined the Army in 1971. In October 1995 after 24 years I retired. I spent time in Alaska, 2 tours in Panama, a year in Colombia, a year in Bolivia, 2 years in Georgia and the rest in North Carolina- with many many TDY trips away from my family. In Dec 97 I completed my Bachelors in Accounting and began working for Union Carbide as an International Accounting Associate, which has taken me back to Colombia and Brasil. While I am in Charleston, WV, my family is still in North Carolina. My wife of almost 27 years is a Management Analyst working for the Army's Special Operations Command. Our daughter just turned 20 and is a junior in college. She is majoring in Pharmaceutical Science, and hopes to get into pharmacy school. I have begun work on my masters at Union Carbide's expense and plan to complete my studies in 2001.

Updated 04-12-04

"With the acquisition of Union Carbide by Dow Chemical a couple of years ago, I am now located in Kenner, Louisiana, just outside New Orleans. While being a cost accountant is what I do during the week, you will usually find me on the greens during the weekend trying to improve my handi cap. The seafood is fantastic!! The people here always seem to find an event to celebrate with some form of festival and/or parade. My wife is still in North Carolina with a mere 3 years to retire from the federal government with over 34 years.

The hunt begins for our "permanent" retirement location......."