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"Now" with my family.

Margaret Lowery, BHS Class of 1972 and Allison, Citrus High Class of 2002... 


I started working for the Schools Division when I was a Junior in High School. I was assembling desks at Cocoli Elementary School when they landed a man on the Moon...I continued working as a student assistant from then on. I was hired on as a full time/permanent employee in 1973. This began my Civil Service Career. I worked for the Canal Zone Government, Schools Division until 1979. Due to the Panama Canal Treaty of 1977, my job was abolished!! They offered me a job with the US Army at 4 grades below my grade. What you going to do? I took their offer and eventually worked myself up into a Management position. The last 16 years of my career were the most exciting!! My title was, "Business Recreation Branch Manager", and I took care of all the Army's MWR Major Special Events. I was responsible for the Annual Atlantic and Pacific Fairs. The Pacific 4th of July Celebrations and Turkey Bowl (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Flag Football Game). These were major fund raisers for the USARSO DCA. Needless to say, "Mucho Trabajo, pero, me gusta mucho"! I miss the excitement now.

I retired on February 29th, 1996....leap year...with 25+ years Federal Civilian Service. Due to the Panama Canal Treaty of 1977, certain employees could retire with 23 years service if required. Hence....I was GTR (Gone Ta Rass). My job was going to be axed anyway. I retired with the "Commander's Award For Civilian Service" and the "Department of the Army's Meritorious Civilian Service Award" for all that I busted my butt for.

After retirement, I worked in a "semi-retirement job" at the Central Florida Community College here in Florida and now work for Citrus County Government as a Graphics  and Geographic Information System Technician. 

In 1984, I married Margaret L. Lowery.  A year later, we had the best thing that has ever happened to us, our daughter Allison......Ali is now 21 and moving on in life. I sure wish she could have grown up in the CZ like we did, but she did get to spend her early childhood there. I have always told her, "Don't forget where she comes from, The Canal Zone".

My future plans at this point is to become a "Millionaire", build and finance the PCC Museum, support my Church, become better at web pages and carry on the life, memories and glory of the Canal Zone.....

May God Bless us all!!