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After graduating, I went to McNeese State University in Louisiana with a scholarship in music. Not only was it a hell of a culture shock, but was informed after I arrived that my scholarship was for Band (instead of Orchestra), requiring that I attend all the football games and MARCH, etc. Imagine that! That's just wasn't me, so I upset my parents righteously by changing my major and dropping my scholarship. :o) Never graduated either, but somehow ended up in California where I lived until 1996, after retiring from the Postal Service. I tried to transfer to Tennessee (where I now live), but finally decided to take a deferred retirement. I was anxious to leave beautiful Southern California for my kids' sakes. Very crowded, and quite crime-ridden... So, here we are near Nashville, in a small town that seems an ideal place for our kids. The plan was to start a business and get rich. That's when I took a class teaching the rewards of day-trading stocks. I've been doing that ever since. A bonified Day-Trader I am, I am. An ideal job, like I never dreamed of. I sit in front of a computer with three screens and just watch our wonderful market go up & up and just take profits along the way. I do all this from the comfort of my home. The hours are good, too... 8:30 to 3. Life IS wonderful.

I have three children: Gayle (14), Linda (11), & Chris (9), and a wonderful wife ( 20+ years), Debbie. I have been blessed, and am indeed a very lucky man...

I'll probably live here forever, though I do hope to make a few trips to Panama. I haven't been there for about 20 years. I'm due for a visit soon...