Last Will and Testament
Balboa High School
Senior Class of 1970


I, Valerie Woodie, will to Bill Porter my two term papers, so he can pass his senior year in flying colors.

I, Fred Andrews, will to Mark Stenson the chores of being a senior, plus much success with work.

I, Minki, will to Sharon O’Brien all the left over turkey sandwiches.

I, Estel Bolado, will to Jan Slaughter and Ralph Dugas all the fun in Mrs. Gruver’s free period.

I, Mary L. O’Connell, will to Karen Mason all my used school books (for her collection) to carry.

I, Rebecca Laracuente, will my great ability in the chemistry lab that led Mr. Barry to say, "I haven’t seen
anything like it", to Sheila Sawyer.

I, Patrick J. Mulroy, will my emotional and sentimental mind to anyone desiring to be that way.

I, Mark Bozman, will to the juniors Mr. Ames’ English class.

I, Chuck Wicks, will to Mr. Davidson my hair.

I, Kerry Thomason, will to anybody who will take it, Mr. Hatchett’s red and black dog.

I, Sharon Marks, will my good temperament to Gary Lutz, and if there are others like him, they can divide it up.
I also leave to Paula all the fun times at B.H.S.

I, Tom Goudie, will to Mr. Hatchett all my hair.

I, Jim Ganser, will to Mr. Hatchett all the juniors who think they know it all.

I, Bill McLaughlin, will to Mike McGlade or to anyone who wants it, my Corvair.

I, Walt Young, will the afternoon practices to the future Band Company Commander (what a burden!)

I, Vivian Scaggs, will another job in the cafeteria to anyone who wants enemies.

I, Art Dealy, will to the sophomore P.E. classes that sweaty and smelly dressing room for two more years.

I, Smiley Dishong, donate my shop (Metal II) glasses to Jeff Scott.

I, Jacque Hunt, will to Katie Oliver my bloomers from cheerleading and my green knee socks.

I, Ann Tracy, will to my sister, Carol, my dirty P.E. socks and shoes.

I, Shirley Maduro, will to Hildy Kodiman all my gum wrappers in her car.

I, Carie Osburn, will to any member of the Class of ’71, who gets Mr. Ames next year, a notebook of all the
vocabulary works and their definitions.

I, Mel Gamertsfelder, will to Sue McKeon, my parking space in the shop parking lot.

I, Phil Rietz, will my ability to center the football over the quarterback’s head to any dude who enjoys having
his face pushed into the mud behind the 50 yard line.

I, Mike Maguire, will my license plate to anyone who has the taste for it.

I, Tom Showalter, will to anyone who can find it, everything I have in this school (which isn’t very much).

I, Suzanne Gordon, will to my brother, Jack, all of next years ROTC Sponsors. May they love and cherish him
in my absence.

I, Ronald Horning, will my snow white sneakers and my left over toothpicks to whoever exhibits himself to be a
good guitar pickin’ fool.

I, Spiros Vamvas, will to anyone who needs one desperately, my perfect nose. P.S. Send something in reward.

I, Robyn Patton, will to all the girls trying out for cheerleading, all the luck to make it.

I, Fortuna Homsamy, will my stinking tennis shoes to Dennise Cordosa.

I, Mickey Kelleher, will to any boy my talents in gymnastics.

I, Allan Gomez, will to the graduating class of ’71 that groovy rockout teacher (HA! HA!), Mr. Hatchett.

I, Cathy Alexander, will to Yvette Burgoon my embarrassing moments in short dresses. I went through a lot of red
faces - so you can too. Good luck!!

I, Chuck Petersen, will to Marta Sudrez my title of "shorty", with all the fun and trouble it implies.

I, Dalys Vargas, will to the sophomores a willingness to see with the eyes, hear with the ears, and think with the brain.

I, Marcella Heres, will to the junior and sophomore class our cafeteria’s tasty and mouthwatering food.

I , James Stark, being of unsound mind and immoral character do hereby bequeath my outstanding personal qualities
to any junior who is good enough to take them.

I, Maria Morales, will to Rita Brannan my place in the Spanish class, so she can gossip with Carmen.

I, Kathy Orr, will to Sharon O’Brien my "charming" car, and to Camille Rhyne, I will the front seat and the hole in the

I, Ed Filo, will my grey hubcaps to anyone I think is capable of them.

I, Ronnie Valle, will to any junior the job of putting up and taking down posters of coming events in the school.

I, June Foster, will to Debby Horter my little blue car so she can follow the boys around.

I, Richard Pratchett, will to the devil himself all the roaches in the Monument.

I, Maria Williams, will my Physiology notebook to anyone who is taking Physiology. They will need it!

I, Claudia Hanbury, will to Gary Lutz, my heated passions and exciting experiences.

I, Jim Cross, do leave.

I, Charles McLean, will mine and my brother’s blue jacket to my sister, in hopes that she will carry out the tradition.

I, Olga Turner, will to the juniors all the books to study with.

I, Karen Waggoner, will to the future seniors my good luck.

I, Christi Allen, will to my lazy sister, Gail Allen, my beautiful black car so she’ll have wheels to beat walking.

I, Lillian Toucet, will to Carol Rudeshine my cousin Minquie!

I, Phil Reitz, will my mighty Honda to Paul Buehler to serve him as a back up bike, and so that he may successfully
attempt to climb the "hill" at the Amador Picnic Area.

I, Carol Townsend, will to all future Seniors, who will have Mrs. Lommen for Senior English, all my old notes , which
are so neatly written down that now on can read them. Good luck!!

I, John Urias, will to any unlucky junior all my bad grades in Analysis and good luck with it!! They’ll need it.

I, Houston Cradoock, will a Coronet R/T (68’) to any junior who wants to pay $2,500.00.

I, Howard Paulding, will some of my hair to Mr. Osmen.

I, Gene Holland, will to my sister my happiness, so she can put it to good use.

I, Tracy Howard, will to the next ROTC Battalion Commander my good luck in ROTC.

I, Barbara Richey, will to Carol Mendenhall all the gym suits and tennis shoes, in the hot, smelly girls locker room.

I, Charles Tobin, will my U.S. Government pen to next year’s P.I.C..

I, Jaqueline Clark, will to the Senior Class of 1971, Mr. Williams and his trimmings.

I, Alicia Azrak, will to Sarita Shalom my dirty gym socks and my first class place in the bus.

I, Linda Sessions, will to Mr. Maroney my abilities of being his secretary, throughout this joyful senior year.

I, Ernest Van Horn, Battalion Adjutant, will to any junior in ROTC my desk and files in the ROTC Staff room, with
my luck.

I, Colleen Michael, will to Debbie Zimmer, my car pillows, when she gets her drivers license.

I, Charles Lawson, will my place on the tennis team to Buddy Geroge.

I, Ossie Rivera, will to Sue Robles my overstuffed and overpopulated locker.

I, Larry Gaymala, will to Fred Watkins all my torn underwear and the cayuco race next year.

I, John R. McGlade, will all my reading books to Mr. MacFarlen, an my tent to Mrs. Lommen’s class to Cathy Hoyle.

I, Mary Ann Tatman, will to Julia Bircher the S.A. finances for next year, so she can do a better job than me.

I, Marty Caropresso, will to Joana Arias, my too volume packed Physiology notebook, so that she may re-write it for
medical publication.

I, Berta Medina, will to my brother, Jose, all my girlfriends who are juniors.

I, Karen Isaacs, will my Calculus book to Cindy Copesky, and my paintbrushes to Phil Cappezoli.

I, Sheila E. Hall, will to Venessa Green my cap and gown, and also my seat that I sit in at graduation.

I, Cynthia Cox, will to Cathy Webb, Keanna Torres, and Midge DeVous, all the joy of their senior year. To
Mrs. DeLaMater, another gossip session in homeroom. Finally, I willingly leave.

I, Norma Bargas, will to Paul Kuzcek all my writing paper from Mrs. Knapp’s class.

I, Stella Vives, will to Mary Betts and Margaret Smith, my desire for sleeping and eating.

I, Ann Vieto, will to any anxious junior my up-to-date calendar with graduation day marked off.

I, Barbara Hess (SAM), will to the Senior Class of ’71 my height for playing basketball and other sports.

I, Debby Haungs, will to Claire Pyer, Rodman Naval Station and my lifeguard t-shirts to do with as she wishes.

I, Connie Marczak, will to Jim Mullins my hair ribbon.

I, Richard Parra, will to any lower classman my great knowledge of everything and my modesty about it.

I, Debbie Lohse, will to Chris Bates my marvelous ability for making potato soup and dancing the can-can.

I, Maria Gonzales, will to Cathy Plucker my overdue books and my coordination for falling down stairs.

I, Diana Frantz, will to Elaine my dirty gym suit, all the fun in P.E. like I had, and my seat in the main office
and Home Ec. To my brother my seat in English.

I, Clara Fernandez, will my Physiology notes to those juniors who dare to take such a course.

Annie Fifer, will to Eileen Munden the locker and all it’s possessions and to Islay Lamberti my sneakers.

I, Sue Colbert, will to Sandy in my Latin class the thrill of having Mrs. Perry
for Latin again next year.

I, Joanne Ferry, will to Eileen Johnstone all my great grades and all the hours I’ve spent getting them.

I, Bryan Ball , will to Dave Ruth my ever so sweet smelling tennis shoes from P.E.

I, Beth Baglien, will the ski rack on my VW to the first student in the Class of ’71 who gets a VW and can
find enough snow to go skiing on.

I, Ken Frensley, will 3 years of ROTC to any deserving student.

I, Julie Watson, will 1 notebook to Margaret Smith.

I, Charles Flagg, will bad luck to whoever stole my "Ripley’s Believe It or Not" book.

I, Ramon Yohros, will to Charlie Patton my sweet smelling gym socks.

I, Aruthur Mokray, will to the Architectural Class of ’71 my mechanical pencil and my beat up and
chopped-up erasers.

I, Debbie McGrath, will to Yasemin Reymundo all the shrimp in the Clubhouse.

I, Rudy Crespo, will to Pat Bailey my fantastic ability to cram EVERYTHING into my locker (she can have
that, also) and still be able to open it without a thing falling out.

I, Martha Ohman, will to the Class of ‘71 one of the greatest years they will ever have. That is being a senior!

I, Jacque Crowell, will to my sister, Pam, the right for her to deliver mail at any time to Mr. Williams.

I, Janet Major, will to Sue Jackson and Patsy Husted my locker on the 2nd floor of the main building and the
English IV term paper.

I, Sarah Sally Husney, will to Marta Lanza all athletics scholarships.

I, Jose Rodriguez, will to Becky Witt, my beautiful pair of legs.

I, Janet Hauk, will to Brenda Hauk another math class and a first period gym class.

I, Russ Watts, will to Ernie Jones, my tape deck for his little blue bomb, and all of my note cards from Mr. Ames’ research paper.

I, Yolanda Woo, will to Mylda Feliciano my typing ability and my stink’n socks.

I, Carmen Wilmoth, will to Mr. Milam another Miss Day for his next year’s Math class. Good luck Mr. Milam.

I, Jim Norris, will my jeep, with all it’s problems, to anyone.

I, Scott Burns, will my worn out comb and basketball ability to Billy Wicks.

I, Charmaine Risberg, will to DeeDee Christensan my coordinated ability to trip down the stairs.

I, Patti Phillips, will my Latin II book to Mimi Hayducauich.

I, Al Sebik, will to Val Webber all my initiative, judgment, self respect and admiration, plus my love of speed.

I, Rudy Pinada, give to Gary Lutz my fielders glove, to Tom Engleke my PJs swim suit, to Carlos Lampos
my $15.50 Bates Floaters.

I, Jill Cobert, will to Barbara Cadden all the boys in next year’s Chorus.

I, Kathy Glass, will to Patsy and Betsy Reihart all my worries and good grades.

I, Jose Rodriguez, will to Mr. Adams one dead frog!

I, Barbara Treadwell, will to Donna Edwards great talents and good grades.

I, Janet King, will my lunch table place and Steve Naham’s company to Jeanna Arias.

I, Faye Weisser, will to Jode Boyles, one moldy, torn psychology book, in hopes that she will have better
luck with it than I did.

I, Douglas Hale, leave nothing to no one.

I, Serafin Menocal, will to Mr. Hatchett many R. R. days. To Mrs. M. Graham, I will Mad Magazine, it’s more intellectual that Pope!

I, Angel Cruz, will to Terry Stanly my dirty gym socks.

I, Dan Piper, will my gym suit to anyone who gets it.

I, Lupe Cota, will to Randy my complete understanding and ability to solve Algebra problems.

I, Francis Kerr, will to all ROTC cadets, good luck with the understandable, wonderful, and outstanding cadre; especially to the SMG.

I, Kathy Painter, will to Kathy Haungs my life guard t-shirt and whistle and wish her luck in using them.

I, Stella Tremblay, will all my old hospital sheets, used bandages, broken casts and warped crutches to
Kathy Taylor, my ex-room mate.

I, Ross W. Andrews, will to any beginner surfer my long surfboard.

I, Richard Moultrie, will to Edwin Murdock all my ROTC awards.

I, Stephen Askew, will C Company to anyone that will take it.

I, Gary Dalton, will to "Midnight" McGuiness the powers of the Canal Zone.

I, Peter Brooks, will the Isthmian Inklings to any literate junior.

I, Catherine Cogliandre, will the Science Class of next year great patience, luck and old gym socks.

I, Ken Wilberg, will my battle-worn, all-star sneakers to Bill Harp.

I, Sara P. Chavez, will to Rita Hermany and Sharon Montanye all my happy and wonderful senior days.

I, Lauralisa Allis, will to some needy junior all the notes I got from my English teacher, Mrs. Graham.

I, Ellen Carpenter, will to Shorthand I students taking Shorthand II, the lab on the 3rd floor of the College
Building and all Mr. McFarland’s work. Have fun!

I, John Harris, will to Gary Lutz my ability to keep out of trouble.

I, Ann Medinger, leave to Maureen Kelleher, Mick’s car and hope she has as good a time in it that I have.

I, Barbara Phyne, will to Camille Rhyne my brand new gym socks that haven’t even been washed yet.

I, Fig Leber, will to Robert Sayre the possibility of becoming another Robert Almstead in his M-III year
and to next year’s C Company sponsor my ever faithful can of Off for all the Reviews.

I, Mike Petty, will to Paul Francis Buehler my functional square-rail design.

I, Karin Foscue, will my great techniques in the Chemistry lab to Mike Coman, my BHS bulldog to
Lisa Makibbin and my fantastic squirt gun to Fred Deitz and Buddy Hutchings.

I, Eileen Rose, will Mrs. Lommen to all the fortunate seniors.

I, Christine Kervin, will my chemistry book, broken thermometers and cracked beakers to those
students who decide to venture into the field of science.

I, Pam Warren, will to any junior, a nice warm sweater for Mr. Hatchett’s room next year.

I, Larry Barkema, will to Buddy George the enjoyment of reading the graffiti on the desks in my class.

I, Vicki Scaggs, will my job in the cafeteria to anyone who wants enemies.

I, Sarah Watson, will to Debra Wilson, my English, Latin, and Physiology term papers, and my locker
and Latin books.

I, James Little, will my rank in ROTC to Guy Biagi.

I, Melissa Ward, will to Henrietta Boatwright the wild and wonderful time and the mysterious smelling
water from the plants that grow in shorthand class.

I, Wayne Berkely, will to John Bullard my sporty little car, my Taunus, and I hope that he makes it to
school like I sometimes did.

I, Madeleine Powell, will to Pat Powell my blue polka-dotted badminton hat.

I, Lyn Biagi, will to the ROTC Cadre my old locker! Debra Biagi all of my old teachers and Mr. Thompson
the ROTC Band to sweeten his sour notes.

I, David M. Lowe, will one motorcycle, Triumph T-100R, Daytona, to any junior willing to wait six months
for parts.

I, Russell Vaucher, will to Stover Jenkins coach Raybourn for Phys. Ed. and all that wonderful running.

I, Peter Johnson, will to James Austin on Dictatorship of an old, but fine, Empire.

I, Ron Romo, will to Milton Schreiber 2nd Platoon, D Company if he’s brave enough to take it.

I, Rosie Gilchrist, will to Carmen Roberts all of my sex appeal. Good luck with it.

I, Dave Vaughan, will to Jean Owre the word fantastic.

I, Anne Fine, will to Buddy George my jumpy nerves.

I, Doug Scott will to any responsible member of Mechanical Drawing II my mechanical pencil so he
can have a hard time too.

I, Jean Hendrickson, will my short hand notes to any junior who can read them.

I, Denise Schemerhorn, will to Susy McKeon my forwardness with boys.

I, Jack Nahem, will to any junior who is able to get a 100 on all tests, the first seat in Mr. Hatchett’s class.

I, Candy Lim, will to Adrianne Lim (Cookie) the loudest mouth in BHS plus all my school spirit and all
my problems, like the Spanish Club, Drill Team, Physiology class and French class with Mrs. Waselden.

I, David Ash, will to all the Juniors who make it to be a senior, Good luck!

I, Norma San Miguel, will 9 months supply of vitamins and aspirins to next years’s dedicated (hopefully)
"Parakeet" staff, who will definitely need it.

I, Jan Fitter, will my car to anyone who will give it a nice, clean home.

I, Gary Myers, will my football and track uniforms to Tom Engelke, so maybe, if he’s lucky he’ll do as
well as I did. My extreme good luck to Paco "Jinx" Buehler, so he can finally get some good surf and to
all the guys who have to change in the locker room in the heat, I hope icicles freeze on your gym shorts.

I, Richard Woo, will to Terri Olenick my Tele Zoom Lens so she can watch the boys.

I, Kathleen Murphy, will to next year’s American Institutions students all my Hatchett notes and tests.

I, Greg Gillis, will my green and yellow VW to anyone able to appriciate it’s hidden beauty.

I, Gloria Maduro, will to Isabelita Nachio my good spelling in Spanish.

I, Scott Moore, will any left over Easter eggs from Gruverland to Mrs. Gruver’s next stage manger.

I, Pat Dillion, will to Bill DeHeart the ability to be the best "jeep-rider" around.

I, Steve Wilson, will to all juniors thinking of taking American Institutions, Mr. Hatchett’s wonderful
essay tests.

I, Ray Minguez, will my good behavior in ROTC to Edward Murdock.

I, Steve Nehring, will to Tom Engelke my parking space by the gym and to Mickey Harris my school
record in Mr. Knick’s office.

I, Audrey Stewart, will to anyone who wants my beautiful homeroom teacher - Mr. Davidson.

I, Steve Goodman, will to Judy Tomkins, my personal parking at the Bird’s Nest.

I, Nancy Tinney, will Mr. Ramirez to all underclassman who think they can stay awake in class.

I, Laurie McBride, will to Dianne Brown the ability of breaking windows without anyone finding out.

I, Dee Dennerline, will to Chris McCauley my toes, eyes, body and soul.

I, Mary Pang, will to any person who gets Mr. Hatchatt all my comics used in extra assignments he
makes you do.

I, Kevin Compton, will my nickname "Happy" to Coach Raybourn.

I, Crhistopher Bryant, will to Teela Mofett a smile to be her guiding light throughout life and a tear to
make her appreciate the smile. 

I, Tina Vega, will Miss Hardin to the girls of the Class of ’71.

I, Pam Birch, will to Linda Weed my fetal pig.

I, Edwin Webster, will my dirty sneakers to Mr. Hatchett. Daniel Buell to Mr. Cook. My socks to
Mr. Knick and all the pens and pencils I have stolen to Mrs. De La Mater.

I, Marjorie Tilley, will my broom, mop, scrub brush and hose to Mr. Deckel, the marvelous art teacher.

I, Nancy Morrison, will to Soodie Turner 71 turns of her class ring.

I, Ada Beecherner, will to Debra Mata all the chocolate chip cookies in the world and to Laura McArthur,
Bill Harp and Bill Ackerman The Flower by Henry Gibson.

I, Leigh Scaggs, will to Penny Burchfiel two magic beans, wishes that she never thirst, one sacred cow,
and myself.

I, Steve Perez, will to Victor Thompson my great hurdling techniques.

I, Ellen Roys, will "The Parakeet" and all trials and tribulations connected with it to Julie Bircher, hoping
she has even more luck with the printers than we did this year.

I, Butch Nehring, will to Joe O’Donnell all the excitement and adventures of Balboa High School.

I, Carmen Torres, will to Mr. Wilman my fall so he won’t feel out of the crowd around the guys of Balboa High.

I, Maradee Scarborough, will to Pat coleman the ability to run the 100 yd. Dash in 10.3 seconds, which was
willed to me last year.

I, Yolly Morell, will to Marlene Stetler, Miss Hardin. Sandra De La Cruz a locker to herself in a wing and
Rita Milam all my left over tardies.

I, Cloyd McIlvaine, will to Chris Van Overen a healthy dose of road rash.

I, John Beightler, will my baggies to Bill De Heart, with the hope that he can hold on to them for at least one
weekend at the beach.

I, Victor Bogantes, will to Thomas Strider the beehive in the bushes next to the ROTC area.

I, Margie Engelke, will to Patricia Wallace my "look" and small feet ________________ ________________________have a successful senior year. (Some of my page was missing. If you have one,
please let me know what goes in the blanks)

I, Paul Barkowitz, will to Bill Ackerman the fun working in the cafeteria_____________and to Ken Sheppard
the joy of Eli. (Some of my page was missing. If you have one, please let me know what goes in the blanks)

I, Lil Watkins, will to Randy Edwards my ability to keep ______ations.

I, John Green will to Paco Buehler my Jag and my "stick". To Ron Swann my black chucks. To Gary Lutz my
glove and to Tom Engelke my bat.

I, Paul Ahnert, will a slightly used pair of tennis shoes to Mike Jeoffry.

I, Barbara Treadwell, will my job as exchange editor to any lucky person.


This is the last page that I have. If there are more please or if there are any corrections, deletions or additions, please let me know and I will add them to this page.