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    Balboa, Canal Zone

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       45th Class Reunion Class Photo 
    C (Click on photo for larger photo)


    We Will Never Forget
    September 11, 2001

    Saluting our Balboa and Cristobal High School Class of 1970 Classmates in Uniform.

    Major General  John Urias (BHS)
    Lieutenant Colonel  Joe Hickey (CHS)
    Lieutenant Colonel Tom Wesley (BHS) (RIP)
    Capt. (USN) Jim Stark (BHS)
    Chief Warrant Officer IV (US Army) 
    Bill Ernst (BHS)

    60th Birthday Party at the 2012 Panama Canal Society Reunion 
    at the Orlando World Center Marriott.

    30th Class Reunion - Tampa 2000
    Click on the image for a larger image.

    Click here for photos......

    35th Class Reunion - Orlando 2005

    Seated: Maria Gonzales,Bonnie Nehring, Allegro Woodruff Rankin, Laura Seeley Rydell 2nd Row Seated: Tm and Patty Plucker, Steve Nehring, Nancy Foster, Beth Baglien Williams, Audrey Stewart, Robyn Husted Patton 3rd Row Standing: Vicki Sizemore, Jim Norris, Gary Myers, Ed Filo, Cliff Day, Hal White 4th Row Standing: Art Mokray, Rudy Crespo, Smiley Dishong, Scott Collister, Steve Askew


    40th Class Reunion - Orlando 2010

    Front row: Faye Weiser, Denise Schemerhorn, Audrey Stewart, Laura Seeley, Rudy Crespo (kneeling), Carmen Ortiz, Tina Vega, Sally Adair, Steve Nehring, Bill McLaughlin. Second row: Carmen Wilmoth, Margie Engleke, Art Dealy, Maria Gonzales, Patty Thompson Plucker, Dan Cretaro, Me4l Gamertsfelder, Christine Kervin, Richard Dishong, Third row: Eileen Pies, Steve Cartotto, Myke Smith, Clifton Day, Richard Moultrie, Bryan Ball, Jacque Crowell, Albert Guibert. Back row: Gary Myers, Art Mokray, Jim Parks, Ed Sykes, Steve Krisa, Paul Barkowitz.


    40th Class Reunion in Panama
    June 2010 at the home of Kathy Wainio and Rob Roy Jr. in Cardenas , Panama

     1st row, Rudy Crespo, Steve Nehring 2nd row, Robyn Patton, Marcia Michelle, Vicki Sizemore, Faye Weisser, Ada Beechner, Kristy Ackerman, Ann Medinger 3rd row, Mick Kelleher, ?, Richard Moultrie, Clifton Day, Mike Vick - Missing from Picture: Phil Reitz, Art Mokray, Nancy Boyd (Photo submitted by Vicki Sizemore

    Go get em, Bulldogs!

    We're the class that's on the go, we're the class of 7-0.

    This is the official Class of 1970 Home Page. Enter these portals and meet the greatest people on earth.

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    Painting from the hall of BHS and Balboa's head that stood in front of the school.
    Vasco Nu˝ez de Balboa


    Balboa High School

    BHS Alma Mater

    Balboa High, do or die

    You're the school we all love the best.

    Fight to win, don't give in

    and you will always stay above the rest.

    Red and White, may it fly

    as the emblem of our team so brave.

    Balboa High, you're the best

    and we'll stay with you til the end or die!


    BHS Fight Song

    On Balboa, on Balboa

    fight on for your fame.

    Take the ball from old Cristobal

    touchdown sure this time!

    Rah! Rah! Rah!

    On Balboa, on Balboa

    take the ball this time..

    Fight fellas, fight! fight! fight!

    We will win this game!!


    BHS002b.JPG (50155 bytes)

    Remember the plaque in the floor that some had to polish?
    Photo by Danny Norman Jan 1999

      1999 Panama Canal Society Reunion photos..... (Click Here)
    1998 Reunion photos...(click here)

    Please participate with a personal page. Contact me for info.

    I would like to invite all members of the BHS Class of 1970 to be part of this Home Page. Please contact me via the email address below and sign the guest book. There are a lot of exciting things planned for the Class of 1970's Home Page.

    Upon your input and permission, I am going to make you a personal page that can be accessed by the click of the mouse button. On this personal page, I would like to put your yearbook picture as a "then" picture. Then I would like you to send me your most recent and favorite "now" picture via snail mail or a scanned/digital picture via email. I am going to post these "then and now" photos on your page. I also would like a bio of your life after graduation, i.e. post graduate education, jobs, careers, family, now-a-days, future plans and what you would like to see here on your homepage. If you don't want to do all that, no problem....just let me know where you are so I can tell you about upcoming events for our class.



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