1998 Panama Canal Society Reunion Photos

Here are a few photos that I took while attending the reunion.  I hope to get some more sent in by other attendees to add to these.

new11.gif (26193 bytes) More photos sent in by Jacque Crowell (August 3, 1998) - Click Here

Many thanks to Fred Tiencken, member of the BHS Class of 70 Alumni for his perseverance in obtaining Panama Beer.  It made the Class of 70 get together a real bang and the large 65 case donation for the Panama Canal Society Foundation's Museum fund raiser really was a great help for our cause.

Balboa High Class of 70 get together.   Lots of Panama Beer, empanadas, good laughs and friendship.  We had a great crowd this year.  There were twice as many faces there.  Looks like the Class of 70 Home Page is working well in getting our class back together.


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The vendors area was going full steam as always.  Great stuff to purchase.

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Zone Linkers get together. 

Zl1TN.JPG (4499 bytes) Zl2TN.JPG (3983 bytes) Zl3TN.JPG (4890 bytes)


Miscellaneous and the Despedida

lobby1TN.JPG (2923 bytes) Ball1TN.JPG (3181 bytes) Ball2TN.JPG (3638 bytes) des1TN.JPG (3030 bytes)
des2TN.JPG (2742 bytes) des3TN.JPG (2525 bytes) des4TN.JPG (2467 bytes) des5TN.JPG (3288 bytes)

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