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"There are little sea-horses that gallop the trails
Of your oceans warm and wide;
I shall send racing currents for them to swim,
With foam-crested white-caps to ride!"

"For the C.Z. Police, those stalwart men
Who never from danger flinch,
I have some new uniforms, minus coats,
And lots of bad eggs to pinch!"

"The Q.M.D. - now here is his gift - "
And he made a notation in chalk;
"I got him, I think, what he'd like the best:
(Zone housewives unable to squawk!)

"To the sly cucarachas that clutter your homes
And ruin whatever they taste,
I'll send spotless kitchens without any crumbs, 
And barrels of cockroach paste!"

"For tired Commy workers, both colored and white,
Who cater to folks on the Isthmus,
I send added strength, and the will to endure
The strain of the week before Christmas!"

"To the vendors who carry big trays on their heads,
Filled with fruits that are luscious and tropic,
I shall send peace of mind that is calm and serene,
And an outlook at life, philosophic."

"Now, the chivas that rattle along your roads,
Whom speed cops always harass:
For them, I've a gift that will suit 
     them fine -
Other busses for them to pass!"

"For all those small shops that are found on
Run by Hindu and Cheno and Greek,
I'll send baratillos (bargain sales),
to advertise, each week!

"To the ox cart that bump o'er the long jungle trails,
Pulled by poor, dumb, driven cattle,
I will send some new wheels that are factory made,
And a chassis that doesn't rattle.

"You have hungry hounds that roam your streets
Which dog-catchers never catch?
For them I've some well-filled garbage cans,
And plenty of fleas to scratch!"

"To the Zone bomberos, my gift is not
A tool-box filled with wrenches,
But, rather, a boon they will thank me for -
Soft cushions for all their benches!"

"For the nurses I have some uniforms
That always stay starched and white;
No backs to rub, no pills to give,
And no duty to do at night!"

"To swarms of small moth-pests that nibble your clothes,
And cause such irate consternation,
I am giving the clothing you've hidden away
To use for next winter's vacation!"

"For the gay Jackie Tars who land at your ports,
Shouting their shore-leave hosannahs -
I send many parrots and monkeys to buy,
And bunches of ripe bananas!"

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