60 ton pull Lidgerwood steam winch pulls an 11' wide steel plow along the top of 40' wooden flat cars.  The plow removes dirt piled on top of the cars.  A steel apron was mounted on the end of each car to span the gap between them.  Thus there was a continuous deck the full length of the train. One side of the car had a 12" to 15" extension of the deck.  On the other side was a vertical side which was 36" high. The pulling cable, which had to be strong enough to stand up under the 60 ton pull of the winch, was shackled to the plow close to the vertical car side.  The plow contained 3 1/2 tons of concrete ballast along its cutting edge.  The steam that powers the winch comes from the steam locomotive pulling the train. The Lidgerwood system is another story in it's own and will be explained more in a future presentation.