1928 Aerial of the future Albrook AFB.  This photo was taken from a plane which is over the Curundu area.  The black and white lines curving from the bottom right of the photo upward and towards the Canal are key in this photo.  The wide black line is the old road that wend from Corozal into Ancon.  The narrow white line next to it is the original Panama Railroad line into Panama City.  This is a very interesting photo as it shows these two important travel ways going through what would be the base housing and buildings of Albrook AFB.  The road and rail line curve around the hill that will become Diablo Terrace and then into Corozal.  Have you ever wondered what that old black top road was doing at the foot of the hill between Albrook and Gaillard Highway?  Well, this is all that was left of this old road way.  The new rail line can be seen where it is today in the photo.  Note the white color area between the new rail line and the Canal.  This is land being cleared for Diablo Heights.  Super photo to study.  Photo contributed by George Chevalier.