Balboa Terminals, November 26, 1913.  This photograph was taken from the top of Sosa Hill looking north.  The top of the wye leads to  the new permanent Balboa Yard and will be the new main line north.  The left hand side is the track down to the Naos Island breakwater.  The right hand side will become the new main line which will run along the side of Ancon Hill and continue into the city terminal.  The balance of the tidal flat on the right, where the steel skeleton of the roundhouse has been built, will eventually become the U.S. Army airfield (later Albrook AFB).  Barely visible at the top of the photograph is the original alignment of the Panama Railroad from a point near Corozal into the old city terminal.  Off the hills at the left are the houses of Corozal.  See map # 4.