Belgium Locomotives in Storage - By the early 1900's, the Canal Zone was described as a "graveyard" of abandoned equipment.  However, some equipment was stored properly.  The French had ideas of selling the entire project..hopefully, to the Americans.  The area near Empire above the Culebra Cut was used to store Belgium locomotives.  A skeleton crew was formed to keep some semblance of work going so that the agreement with Colombia would not be broken. (Images of an Age - Panama and the Building of the Canal by Jerome D. Laval)

These are the same type of locomotive that was lifted out of the Gatun Lake.  The one lifted out of Gatun Lake came from an area called Pena Blanca which is out in the big part of Gatun Lake.  This area was part of the valley of the Chagres when there was no lake.  Remember, the French were trying to build a sea level canal, so they were digging along the Chagres River valley.