The Early Days of Fort William Davis
Panama Canal Zone
Photos from the private collection of Mr.Vicente Alberto Pascual

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This presentation represents the early days of Fort Davis, Canal Zone. Fort Davis was located on Gatun Lake near the Gatun locks on the Atlantic entrance of the Panama Canal. It was first referred to as "Camp Gatun" and was stablished in 1919 as a military reservation for the defense of the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal. The reservation was named by General Order in honor of Colonel William D. Davis, 361th Infantry. Ft. Davis initial construction program began in 1920 and provision were made for quarters and barracks for one regiment of Infantry. The fort was home for the 14th Infantry. During several decades, it provided the army with a training area for jungle warfare courses and special forces training. It had 4,075 acres and the entire complex included 427 buildings by 1995. Fort Davis was transferred to the Republic of Panama on September 1995.

This presentation is broken down into different sections according to the different subject matter.  The index to the photos is located to the left.  Just click the topic to view the particular photo collection.  There are photo collections of early Ft. Davis, Gatun Locks, Colon Scenes, Aircraft, Warships and more of this period in the Panama Canal's history.   All these photos came from one photo album that was originally owned by P.F.C. Fred Floyd, 14th Infantry in Ft. Davis

The photos and images in this presentation were contributed by Mr. Vicente Pascual.  Vicente has a wonderful collection of old photo albums that he has obtained through the years.  There will be more presentations coming in the near future.

These photos are the property of Mr. Vicente Pascual. Any reproduction of these photos without Mr. Pascual's permission is not authorized. These photos were provided by Mr. Pascual for the entertainment of those visiting this site. Photos have been reformatted for the best possible viewing. Some of these photos are very old and in poor condition. If you have any questions for Mr. Pascual, you can contact him by clicking here.

Many thanks to George Chevalier for his expertise in identifying certain photo's content. Also for his additional photos provided to this presentation in the bonus section.


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