Highlights of this photo are:

1. At the bottom of the photo you can see the gravel railroad cars from the Gamboa river rock pit.  This is where Ole 299 used to work before being moved to Balboa as a display.

   2. The Club House, Gym, Theater and Commissary can be seen down in the main part of town.  The pool hasn't been built yet.  I am not sure what the building is across from the Club House.  The roof of the school can  be seen behind Building 100.

   3.  Building 100 (Bachelor Quarters) is seen in almost in the middle of the photo, but Building 102 the other Bachelor Quarters that stood next to Building 100 isn't there yet.  It must have been built much later.  I lived in the little cottage (103)  at the end of the street and to the right of Building 100 until I left Panama.  Building 102 was torn down in 1994 because it was so badly eaten up with termites.  Building 100 was all shot up during "Operation Just Cause" as it was the Panama Defense Forces - Forest Unit barracks.  When I left in 1996, the building was still standing with all the bullet holes and other battle damage.

   4.  The way this photo was taken made the terrain look almost flat throughout, but of course, it isn't.  It just looks a little strange.