August 2005


My dad served with the army on the Pacific side of the canal from 1943-44 as part of the Coast Artillery (later called Antiaircraft Artillery) unit.  He is looking for any information about the time during his service, and he would love to hear from anyone who may have served with him.
He was part of an eight-man outpost radio/searchlight position on a hill, and later worked in an fortified underground communications and command complex.  He said he frequently took the ferry to Balboa, and he often watched warships - including the Wasp & Hornet - pass through the canal.  When his unit was replaced by the Puerto Rican army, he was reassigned to the 63rd Infantry Division, which fought in France and Germany in the winter of 1944-45.
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He can be contacted at:
Walter Krul
23 Hillside Drive
New York Mills  NY  13417
(315) 736-6697


Really enjoyed the site. Was in the army ,Atlantic side, Ft Gulick and Ft Sherman. Our house was at France Field adjacent to Coco Solo. Was there Jan 66-May 68. Also returned to Panama twice in 1995 for short trips on the pacific side. KZ5GN

Russell Shepherd

Acworth GA 30101


We lived in Gamboa from 1982 to 1984, then moved to Ft. Sherman, then Ft. Gulick for another year. I went to 2nd and 3rd grade at Gamboa Elementary, 4th and 5th at Ft. Davis and Ft. Gulick. The pictures of the Ridge in Gamboa blew me away. I had no idea that they had built a resort not a block from my old house! The picture I saw of the last house on the Ridge, closest to the new resort, brought back a lot of memories. We lived right across the street, and an old hippie named Rex Raspberry ( no joke ) lived there, and he taught my brother and I how to make slings and hunt for small game. Of course, we never killed a single thing....

My dad moved me back there for 7th grade, as well. I went to an all Spanish school in La Chorrera. Interesting thing about that year: I missed two months of school because of political  turmoil ( Noriega was about to be ousted, 'just because'.. )

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Bill Landers

Seattle, WA


hi there just want to say thank for the memories of colon . I was born in that city . my father was the general manager of the strangers club. since is no longer in place. the city has been run down . by the way there was another photographer in colon by the name SOLANO  he use to take the foots of us and used the old method of adding color with paste. I was in panama two years ago. fort San Lorenzo is a shamble roads are in pot holes . the hotel Washington  I use to swim there it's gone the pool I mean . they build another pool on the other side of the grounds by the old church. thank you again.