Paul Emerson Best

Sunrise June 25, 1947
Sunset December 17, 1998

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Mr. Paul Emerson Best, the fourth of five children born to Edgar and Darrel Best on the 25th of June 1947 in Colon, Republic of Panama.

Paul lived in La Boca, Red Tank, Paraíso, Pedro Miguel and at the time of his death, in Via Brasil.   He graduated from Paraiso Junior - Senior High School, and entered the Apprentice Program shortly after, excelling as a Master Electrician.  Paul was employed by the Directorate of Engineering and Housing. He is survived by daughters Ayana and Aisha, his Mother and Father, and adopted son Lucho White, brother Hugh, sisters Sybil   Yearwood, Uncle Jim, brother in law Venus Reefe, nephews, cousins and a host of friends and extended family.

"Paul's strength was his family, his foundation was his integrity and Humanity his cornerstone.   


Taken from Paul's funeral program.


I first met Paul in 1980 during the Youth Activities Carnival (later called the DCA Fair) in Ft. Clayton.  We were having electrical problems with the vendors.  I called the Directorate of Facilities Engineers and they sent Paul out.  Paul and I did battle with the vendors as they were using way too much electricity and blowing the fuses.   Through the years Paul and I worked closely on how to make the electrical systems at the fairs right.  We became good friends.  Paul would always sigh when he heard my voice on the phone because he knew there was another DCA Special Event coming up.   I am so sorry Paul couldn't have lived a longer life, as he did love life.   When I left Panama, I always figured that I would one day see Paul again when I returned for a visit.  I am saddened now that I will never see him again or see his wonderful smile.  I know you are in a better place now Paul.  God Bless you bro, we will meet again one day.