Here are the last of Gus's photos that I am going to post.   There are only a few from the collection that I didn't post.  These were duplicates or photos in bad shape.  I call these Potpourri.  I hope you enjoyed these wonderful old pictures of life back home in the early days of the Canal Zone.

Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

bigcz58-125TN.JPG (2415 bytes) bigcz69-125TN.JPG (1881 bytes) bigcz98-125TN.JPG (2114 bytes) bigcz27-125TN.JPG (1556 bytes)
bigcz38-125TN.JPG (1931 bytes) bigcz53-125TN.JPG (2998 bytes) bigcz-9-125TN.JPG (1709 bytes) The End


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