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This is a photo shows three guys standing on a piece of equipment that was shipped from the United States.  By magnifying the original image, I could read some of the chalked words.  It originated from a company (can't read) in Pittsburgh.   Other info is I.C.C. Colon - W.O. 18515 - CZ 35432 Miraflores.  Any of you old locks employees recognize this equipment?  Also there are two bottles sitting on one of the ledges of this thing.  Looks like a beer bottle and a liquor flask  These three guys must be down in the future chamber playing around on a Sunday afternoon.   They are not dressed for a work day..

Submission by CZ Images reader:

In case don't already have the answer to your question the men are standing on a cylindrical valve installed in what will be the center wall culvert.  It appears that the valve is already installed on it's base and the culvert floor has been poured up to the valve.  You can see another valve installed to the right near the edge of the picture.  In between these two it appears that the culvert is being formed.  
Roger Jones 01-13-04


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