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This photo is another one of my favorites.  These Alco-Cooke 2-6-0s were the workhorses of the diggings.  There were a total of 100 of these engines built in 1906. This is the same class engine as "Ole 299" that we all know so well.  As well as a Panama Canal nut, I am also a steam locomotive nut.  My Grandfather was a Engineer for the Pennsylvania Railroad.   My Dad was a train nut and I have been swallowed into it.  When I first saw this photo, I just went nuts!!!  It is a great shot of the early morning crank up of the locos to go into the cut and haul the dirt/rock trains.  The thing that was so special about this particular photo is that this loco is number 300.  This is our beloved 299's closest brother./ sister (however you want to make it).  The two persons on the running board are young youth and can't figure their official function with the locomotive shop.  The others pictured are either Engineers, Firemen or shop maintenance persons.  All of these folks appear in later photos.  Must have been Gus's friends.  By studying some of the other photos in this collection, I have determined that this is the Pedro Miguel  locomotive house.  Even though these locos worked in the dust and mud everyday, they still shined with the pride of the operators.


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