4th Field Artillery Camp at Fort Clayton, Canal Zone during 1927 Dry Season

Description of photo.

1. Cardenas River across bottom of photo.
2. Going up left hand side of photo is PRR running parallel to Post.
3. Canal Zone highway turning up into Post.
4. Long sheds on right hand side of road are for mules and horses of 33rd Inf.
5. Narrow building on the left hand side of the road before the S bend is where the concessions were located [Barber, Tailor, Photo Shop etc.]
6. Center of photo, left hand side; first two buildings had Warrant Officer families and maybe some of the highest NCOs. Bandmaster Fisher lived in one of these quarters and he took most of the photographs of all activities of that era. Road runs between the barracks and the band lived in the one on the left hand side. Four senior NCO quarters are next on the left side.
7. Main quadrangle housing the 33rd is on the right hand side. south of quadrangle formation is the wooden Guardhouse.
8. Right hand of quadrangle is the post headquarters followed by curved row of officer quarters.
9. North of quadrangle is the encampment of the 4th Field Artillery. They are there for maneuvers having come over from Ft. Davis. Eventually the 2nd Field Artillery will go in to the area that comprises that encampment.
10. East of quadrangle is the athletic field.
11. Northwest against the hills is the firing range.
12. Open area just north of Field Artillery camp is Miller Field with it's one hanger.
13. Just past the hanger the road turns left to go up Miraflores Hill.
14. The new barracks that led up to SCN will go in on the right hand side of the road as the road turns just passed the hanger.

The 4th Field Artillery came to Canal Zone in 1916 and were at Corozal until they left in 1918 . The 4th Field Artillery returned to the Canal Zone in 1921 and was stationed at Camp Gatun which as we know soon became Ft. Davis. It consisted of the 1st. Battalion, batteries A, B, C.  In the dry season of 1924 they deployed to Camp Galliard and then Ft.Clayton for maneuvers and then returned to Ft. Davis. In the dry season of 1926 and 1927 they again deployed to Ft. Clayton for maneuvers and returned to Ft. Davis. In September 1927 at Ft. Davis they were deactivated and the 1st Battalion 4th Field Artillery was redesignated as the 2nd Battalion the 2nd Field Artillery and remained at Ft. Davis until 1933 when they moved to their new home and barracks at Ft. Clayton. The photo of course shows them at their encampment at Ft. Clayton in 1927.  George Chevalier

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