The 1998 Ocean to Ocean Cayuco Race was held 3 - 5 April. In order to let you enjoy this great, traditional Zonian event, the Canal Zone Cyber Museum brings you these images and information. Some images are provided by Jim Hotsko (RIP) who had a daughter participating in the event.  Other contributors to this page are Mike Norman (Photos), Jessee Crawford (RIP) (Vintage Photos) and Paul Karst (Reports). Paul also has a daughter in the "NIC".


Pre Race Day Stuff
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"Bejuco" crew comes back after 30 years.

Ready to go

Boats resting out the last hours before trailering for Atlantic Side.

Ready for the Trans-Isthmian Highway and to the race.

Race day!! Cristobal Yacht Club on the Atlantic Side.

First day results.

Second day start in Gatun Lake.

Lake 1 Lake 2 Lake 3

Gamboa Finish

Gamboa Finish 1 Gamboa Finish 2 Gamboa Finish 3 Gamboa Finish 4

Gamboa Start

Gamboa Start

Cayuco Race Crew Shirts with Logos

T-Shirt  #1 T-Shirt  #2 T-Shirt  #3 T-Shirt  #4
T-Shirt  #5 T-Shirt  #6 T-Shirt  #7 T-Shirt  #8
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T-Shirt  #13 T-Shirt  #14 T-Shirt  #15 T-Shirt  #16

Mike Norman's (RIP) Photos

Gatun Yacht Club Scenes


Gatun Locks Start and Gatun Lake Scenes

GL#1 GL#2 GL#3 GL#4 GL#5
GL#6 GL#7 GL#8 GL#9 GL#10
GL#11 GL#12 GL#13 GL#14 GL#15
GL#16 GL#17 GL#18

Gamboa - 2nd Day Finish

Gam#1 Gam#2 Gam#3

3rd Day Finish

Day 3 #1 Day 3 #2 Day 3 #3 Day 3 #4 Day 3 #5
Day 3 #6 Day 3 #7 Day 3 #8 Day 3 #9 Day 3 #10
Day 3 #11


This news flash was submitted by P.K. (Paul Karst) on ZoneLink

On day one of the race it was Defiance first, Due Process second, Misconception third, Rapid Transit fourth. Close on their heels in fifth place overall and first place female is the Almost with second, third, and fourth place positions in the female category going to Deception,Jungle Crews, and shortcut respectively. The results for day two are Due Process first, Defiance second, and Misconception third, and Rapid Transit fourth, The results for the females are the same as day one with the Almost coming in fifth overall again. Those girls are tough! The Bejuco crew from 1968 is here and have performed well in the Patch boat category, but I heard a few of them saying that the lake has gotten a lot longer. Ted Henter is also here paddling in the Slave Galley. Both days of racing have been very exciting with some real close finishes and some excellent times. Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. I'll try to post the final results on zonelink tomorrow. P.K.

News flash number 2.

The results are unofficial but it looks like Due Process first, Defiance second, and Misconception third. Won't know until the ceremony tonight who came in fourth but I believe its Rio Senales. In the female category its Almost first, Deception second, Jungle Crews third, and Shortcut fourth. In the patch category its High Anxiety first and Red Ed second. The action was fast paced with the crews giving their all on this last day. Once again we had some real close finishes as the spectators at the finish line cheered on their favorites. The Bejuco crew from 1968 had a little trouble, but they crossed the finish line in the Snafu even though they were down to three paddlers. It was a great day of racing , everybody had a wonderful time and all of the race officials did an outstanding job from day one and made the whole event possible. On a personal note, my daughter Kelly participated this year for the first time, crewing with an all girl team on the NIC. They came in sixth in the female category and we're real proud of her and her crewmates Monica Lightell, Allison Smith and Stephanie Wilson. The award ceremony is going to start at 6 pm. followed by a party at Rusty Smith's house. P.K.

An email I had to share here:

Hi Bill, great web site for the Cayuco race, just wanted to give you and update on the Bejuco crew. All members finished the race. We did beat our 1966 time by two minutes not bad for 32 years, it was that fifth paddeler that we were carrying, that wasn't paddleing (our combinded added extra weight for our 1966 weights). as you can se the water line on the SNAFU was a little low, not much gunwales showing. We had a great time and it was a memory that can never be replaced. Special thanks to our support crew Jan Weade and your sis in Law Kim, with out them it would not have been possible. Also our chief paddle manufacturer Lou Husted. Once again great job on the race coverage between you and Mike Norman. Take care Marshall Harris AKA Marshall "Thurd". ask Mike "N" to explain

A blast from the way past!!!
43 years ago

The Gamboa Team finished first and the participants were Jim Driscoll, Steve Herring, Bill Campbell, and Jim Richardson. The Gamboa boys, most of whom had some experience in cayuco operation won first place with a total elapsed time of 10 1/2 hours

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The winning team of the first Ocean to Ocean Cayuco Race from 1954. The members from bow to stern were Henty Lavender, Jessee Crawford, Jon Snodgrass, and Herbert Spector. We were members of Gamboa's Sea Scout Troop # 10. Apparently we made the trip in 10 hours and 30 minutes over the three day event. We were 13 years old at the time and the vessel was an honest to goodness hollowed out log that weighted more than the four us of could handle taking it out and returning it to the water. We used hand man paddles that weighted more than necessary and got heavier as we raced along to victory. Submitted by Jessee Crawford.