The Annual Panama Canal Explorer Scouts
Ocean to Ocean Cayuco Race

After the 1983 race, we wanted our own boat. Margaret met with a Indian from up the Chagres River and ordered a log. After a couple of months this rough cut log was delivered to Gamboa. We took it into Diablo and started the fine tuning process. Plaining, scraping, sanding and customizing, we had our new Patch Boat ready for the 1984 race. Upon the first launching, this log was named the "After Me"...It had a crew of eight really tough gals. They proved to be the best patch boat crew that I ever saw paddle. The most interesting thing about the race of the "After Me", was that Margaret was five months pregnant when she paddled this race. Our daughter Ali, was already a competitor in the Panama Canal Cayuco Race before she was even born. Here are some more photos for your enjoyment.

The "After Me"

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