One of the best times I ever had was serving as escort boat during the cayuco race.  My family and I served for many years.  The flag on the antenna is the official flag used by the escort boats.  This flags lets the competitors know that you are there in an official capacity and not just a observer.  Escort boats are extremely important to help in emergency situations. The flag also authorizes you to enter certain race areas that observers are restricted from.  This flag was very important to identify boats entering the Culebra Cut and Locks portions of the race.  I remember every year, my wife used to make these flags for the race.  We had them spread out all over the house drying after each coat of paint was sprayed on.  This was before these fancy ones were made.  Each year the flag had to change for obvious reasons.  I still have a box full of these flags from days gone by.  I wonder what they did this year with out the 1097th Boat Company and their LCM??