The hill with the palms on top was where the Headquarters building of Camp Otis once stood.

Note from George Chevalier - I took this photo in 1963 while standing in front of the ruins of  3 or 4 long RR Sheds opposite the Cascadas RR Station. I was trying to show how all the buildings were gone. In 1977 I took my Dad out there and just about all I had seen previously was buried under Cut widening earth removal except that hill with it's palm trees. The old man took one look and said "our Headquarters was up on that hill between those palms". I didn't give it further thought until recently when I acquired that photo showing the 10th Inf. Hqts. at Camp Otis taken during the 10th's stay in Otis. You will note the same formation of palms just a hell of a lot taller. It was a shame that he couldn't have been with me in 1963 when so many ruins were still evident.


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