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Art at a museum in Ft Benning, Georgia this past Fall.
The equipment is a old ammonia compressor.
You might say, "Career related equipment".

Me and Sis in Florida while on vacation.


I graduated in '70 like the rest of us and did two and a half years at Pan Canal College and a semester at Florida state. (lost my College deferment at PCC for a semester). After three tries, I finally got into the Apprenticeship program in '74 working with the Army at Corozal with the Air Conditioning shop. That was my third option and now I'm glad I got this field. My first two choices were machinist and interoffice repairman. So did the four years without flunking out in '78 and came up through the ranks to Leader, then Assistant Foreman, where a RIF action took me back down to a Leader, and through repromotion rights I am now the Supervisor of the Cold Storage Plant in Corozal. That's that big white building on the north side of Diablo where all the buzzards use to hang out when the spray pond was on the roof top. Been there since May of '97.

Some other bits of interest would be, I've been President of the American Pacific Sportsmen's Association for about 15 years, yeah, nobody else wants that position. I was President of Local 14 (AFGE) for about two years, till they promoted me to Assistant Foreman.

As for the future, well, that depends on what happens here in Panama. The job prospect doesn't look bright and I may just make the move to Florida when the jobs start to terminate because of the drawdown. After 46 years of calling the Canal Zone and now Panama home, I guess I'm still young enough to adjust to a change and try out the private sector. When we do our 40 and 50 year reunions I'll let you all know.