May - June 2002

Vicki Sizemore


Okay folks.......I have received enough money to cover the cost of the room for our 50th birthday bash at the reunion. We have about $40 left for food & booze. I will go ahead and provide what I can and for those of you who didn't have time to get a check in the mail, we will ask for a donation at the door. So...our 50th Birthday Party is a go, July 4th at the 2002 Panama Canal reunion. Check at the information table for the hospitality room # & if you can, SEND MONEY ahead so we don't run out of refreshments.

Lester Oliver
PO Box 41


Just wanted to post my new email address ( . I also have , but decided not to use it much, because a statesider friend of mine found it slightly amusing. He wanted to know how he could c (my) anal zone... Reminds me of the time I decided to get personalized plates in California when I first got to the States. PANAMA was already taken, so I decided to get PANCZ, thinking I was sooo cool. A couple of faggots winked at me on the freeway, 'cause they thought I was a PANZY. Took a while to figure that one out, though. It happened more than once. Got rid of those plates quickly after that. I'm just glad I didn't grow up in Colon...


I am Joan Herron, the spouse of Tom Herron. I wanted to give you this information so that you can update him on your website. Tom passed away on May 8, 2002, after a long illness. He is survived by his parents William (Bill) and Bernie Herron. He is also survived by myself, and two children, Natalie and Patrick Herron. He always loved his memories, and friends from Panama. Anyone wishing to contact us may do so by e-mail at  or our home address 3624 Wincross Dr. Memphis, Tn 38119 

Joan Herron

Ada Shea


Hi! Sorry to miss the 50th B-day bash! I'll be packing my suitcases for Panama! Kevin and I, and our three sons leave for Panama on the fifth to visit with my mom for a week! Can't wait! This is the fist time the boys (ages 20, 17 and 16)have been to Panama. Que pena. (Tim got to disembark for 10 hours when he went through the canal in March--he packed a lot into those 10 hours, too!) Already making out my food list--micha bread, ojaldras, carne en palito, seviche, corvina, Napoli shrimp pizza, pastelitos, empanadas, arroz con pollo, ginnups if they are in season, more corvina...the list goes on and on! Have fun at the reunion! Ada

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