July - August 2002

Vicki Sizemore


Another successful reunion has come and gone. BHS 70 had a great showing and attendance at our 50th Birthday bash was pretty good. To name a few who attended: Steve Nehring, Bonnie Nehring, John & Val Harris, Francess Kerr, Cliff Day & his lovely lady, Tom Carey, Bill (The Pres) McLaughlin ,Paul Barkowitz (The keeper of the key, thanks Paul!) & Art Mokray. I know I have forgotten some but after all. I am 50 now...There were other members of our class who made the Reunion but could not make the party. It was a joy to see Jacque Hunt Arias doing so well. Our prayers and good thoughts still go out to her. In case you did not know, our very own Uncle Meat, Bill McLaughlin, is now President of the Panama Canal Society and Jacque Vowell is now the Editor of the Record (Panama Canal Society publication.) In addition,our very own Art Mokray is the Exalted Ruler of BPOE 1414 (Elks Club in Balboa).We can take great pride in the accomplishments of our classmates! A special thanks to Francis Kerr for giving myself, Jacqque & Bill a 20 dollar silver Balboa for all we have done to "keep our class together". We really appreciate it Francis, but believe me the pleasure has really been ours.While, I am at the Thank yous, I appreciate all the birthday thoughts that everyone sent. It really meant a lot!! (Sue, I have no doubt that we would have been GIANT rock stars had we not gone on to other endeavors...)I hope you are all well, for those of you who could not attend this year's reunion, rest assured we talked about you. Seriously,even though we all lead busy lives, this year lets all make the effort to stay in touch through our web page. Life is too short to do otherwise...... And if you don't want us to talk about you make plans to come to next year's reunion-its worth it to see Uncle Maeaat behind the podium!!!

Thomas Wesley
El Paso


Greetings friends. Sorry Susan and I had to miss our 50th Birthday party get together at this year's reunion. 50 hits me on Monday! We have resettled in El Paso. Home is where the Army sends you. We miss you all. Uncle Meat, Congrats!!!


Mark Bozman
213 Beechwood Apt. A


I love it, just wanted to update my email address Bill, see you soon.....Mark

stephen flumach



looking for canal zone pictures from 50-02