bettyann niebch



Very Cool! I graduated in 1969, anybody still around? Let me Know, sabe? Thanks!!! Take care and God Bless You... Ugly Betty!

vicki sizemore



I could not help but notice very few folks send in any info to this site. Lets change that! We would all love to know what each other is doing so sign the guestbook! Ed and I are still happy living in Panama. Panama is growing like crazy but we still love it! Ed was recently installed as the Exalted Ruler of the Elks Club in Balboa. During the ceremony our classmate Art Mokray received the Officer of the Year Award from the Special Elks Delegate from the US. I have recently been elected the Chair of Democrats Abroad Panama. In Feb all Democrats Abroad voted in the first Global Primary. Ed cobntinues to play golf at Summit a couple times a week and I try to swim 3 miles a week. I can still swim a mile in less than 45 minutes! This summer we are taking a road trip to the Azuero Peninsula here in Panama. Ed will travel to Calif for an Elks meeting but I have chosen to stay in Panama. In Nov my 2 best friends, Jacque Crowell and Faye Weisser will come to Panama. We have not been together in Panama since 1971!! Our plans include sliding down Admin Hill on cardboard, going to the Beach, vesting BHS and making some cool new memories!

Craig Boatwright
10463 W Medlock Dr
Glendale, AZ   85307



Hello all. Following instructions Vic! Enjoyed the last class reunion pic, hope to make the next one. Craig

Faye Weisser
San Antonio, TX


Really Vicki? Admin Hill, I wasn't graceful when I did that at 18, I shudder to think what I will look like at 56. I suggest instead elbow exercises at the Yacht Club. That I can do gracefully (at least for the first few rounds).

Larry Hele'


Wow Vicki, I can't wait to see the pictures of you, Jacque,and Faye sliding down the Admin. building!
I'm still teaching in Ca. and will retire next year! Then, I will be able to join the good life with my Zonian friends!

Take care,

Larry Hele'

Bill McLaughlin
9090 S. Waterview Dr.
Floral City,  FL 34436



Well, since we are getting a spark of life here, I am going to request that Class of '70 alumni start updating their information (addresses, email, phone numbers, etc.) for our 40th Class Reunion planning. I have the data base I created for our 30th and want to update it. I would rather alumni send their information directly to me via my email address above or snail mail to the address above than though this guest book. I know some would rather not have personal information posted on the web.

On another really wonderful note!!!! Classmate Laura Allis has sent me a check for $1,000.00 to help with preserving our Class of 70 website. Laura, you are a real treasure as this is basically the first time anyone has donated funds for our web site for a very long time. The Class of 70 web site has been carried under the umbrella of my CZImages.com web site for over 10 years now with the expense totally mine. Thanks to Laura, I am now able to purchase the proper domain name and submit our site to reside on it's own web hosting server. This $1,000.00 should last for a few years and will be great having it as a stand alone web site. If anything would happen to me, someone can take over much easier than it would be the way it is now. 

Thank you Laura and God Bless you.

I am planning to do the domain purchase, web hosting subscription and new web site creation after this year's PCS reunion when I have more time.

Bill McLaughlin

Jaime Alfaro
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Great thing to have.

Thanks, Bill!

Gary Melant
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Nancy K. Tinney
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Tina L. Vega (Cohen)



It's wonderful and all the info brings back memories. I would like to be included in the list of alumni's. thank you tina vega

Pam Morton
45 Autumn Lane
Montevallo, AL  35115
205 476 8097



Dear Everyone, So happy to see the home page coming to life again and soooo looking forward to a reunion with you since I missed all the other ones.

Please post more updates and photos as I'm sure we all enjoy the news...I certainly do.

GOD bless each of you,

Pam Morton Hunter

Jacque Vowell
Holly Hill, FL


Comments: We are attempting to find an address for the family for Shauni Smith. If anyone knows, please put the information here. Thanks so much.


Mark Hill
31 Bishopgate Dr.
Rochester, NY  14624



Comments: Just a quick note, great job on the website Bill. For those that may not know, Nancy Boyd McAleer's mother, Mary Boyd, passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

Marcia (Michel) Barber
14032 Boulder Creek Lane
Florida,  34667


Comments:  Love the whole thing! I started crying when I saw all those people and names from my past. I remember all those good times and good people. Thanks for doing the web page, etc. It means a lot!


Susan Jellum Wesley
Schweinfurt, Germany



It has been awhile since I posted. We are on our last tour in the Army in beautiful Germany. Tom retires in 2011 and we still don't know where we will live after that. My big news is that I'm a Grandma times 3. My oldest granddaughter is now two and Melanie, my daughter, had twin girls this past July. I LOVE being a Grandma. I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Dan Piper
833 P street
Anchorage, Alaska  99501




The site is great. Bill would you update my info. Also very sad to read about those lost, as I think Karen F wrote we are to young to be leaving. Thanks Pipes